T.T. Lot. 702 Denim Trousers Raw Indigo

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Taiga Takahashi Lot. 702 Denim Trousers Raw Indigo, premium heritage jeans from the archives of Taiga Takahashi.

The wide silhouetted selvedge jeans feature Taiga Takahashi’s iconic original denim manufactured in Okayama. The item uses their original 100% American organic cotton denim woven on an oldtype power loom in Okayama. The machine used to create this 3/1 left twill, 9oz. denim is also called a shuttle loom, which can only weave at a speed ten to twenty times slower than a modern loom. The slow-woven denim keeps the natural unevenness of cotton yarn, creating a desirable irregularity in the texture.

The warp yarn, dyed with indigo mixed with sulfur dye, carries a definitive green-cast, weathered look. The rope dyeing technique is used to leave the white core. The weft is custom-made nep yarn dyed in yellowed natural color to express the passage of time. By using these two yarns, Taiga Takahashi perfected his unique indigo blue which is deep and rich. The fabric is finished with sanforized process added to prevent shrinkage. The fabric is selvedge denim with a white edge, which is featured in various parts like the reverse side of the belt.

In the 1940s, there was a change in the details of denim garments, such as rugged iron buttons replaced with more decorative snap buttons. Taiga studied the Art Deco buttons and rivets commonly used at that time and replicated them with our original color. The signature leather patch is mud-dyed in Amami Oshima Island.

T.T is a unisex brand based in New York and Kyoto. Taiga Takahashi, the founder and designer, underwent an education that merged Japanese culture with Western thought. After graduating from Central Saint Martins(UAL) in 2017, he established his own brand in New York. The designer himself had collected over thousands of garments since his teens, most of which are American vintage from the 1920s to 1950s, focusing on the pre-mass production era. Believing that the true value of craftsmanship already exists in history, the fabrics, sewing and details of time-survived garments are researched from an archaeological perspective, reinterpreted in a new way and brought back to life in the modern age. 
In April 2022, at the young age of 27, Taiga Takahashi embarked on an eternal journey in the middle of his ambition. However, his legacy has been transformed into the thoughts of the team that supported him during his lifetime and continues to be passed down, now and in the future.

Please note that (raw) denim in (natural) indigo might bleed on light surfaces and textiles such as white sneakers or an off-white sofa. We advise you to turn the jeans inside out and soak it in a bucket with lukewarm water for 30 minutes, before the first actual wear. This way you rinse out a bit of leftover starch and indigo plus it takes out the final bits of shrinkage. The bleeding of indigo, as it is known as, is a characteristic of quality denim and will also occur during the early stages of wear.

  • T.T. Lot. 702 Denim Trousers

  • 100% cotton, 9oz

  • Indigo dye

  • Zip fly

  • Snap button top closing

  • Buckle cinch back

  • 2 curved pockets, 2 rear pockets, 1 coin pocket

  • High rise

  • Wide hem

  • Wide Straight Fit

  • Unisex

  • Made in Japan