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Care + Wash Guide

Clothing deserves to be treated with a bit more respect.

On this page you'll find some handy advice on how to take good care of your clothes to ensure you can enjoy your clothes for as long as possible.

Raw Denim

  • Cold soak in a bucket for 30 min. before 1st wear, inside-out.

  • Squeeze out excess water.

  • Air-dry (outside if possible).

  • Wear for 6 months straight without washing to create a deep patina.

  • Air it out frequently.

  • Need to wash? Inside-out, cold wash, low tumble spin.

  • Air-dry (outside), never tumble dry!

  • Blue denim/garments dyed with (natural) indigo can bleed color on lighter surfaces. Be careful with light coloured surfaces such as sofa’s, car seating, white sneakers and so on.

How To Wash

  • Always check the care label inside the garment for advice on how to wash the garment.

  • Always separate whites from colours. Whites with whites, colours with colours, red with red, dark with dark.

  • Don’t mix materials. Cotton with cotton, linen with linen, wool with wool.

  • Always wash the garment inside-out.

  • Wool doesn’t have to be washed frequently. It’s a natural fibre with the quality to “cleanse” itself when you air it out, especially when it is foggy outside or you hang it in the bathroom when taking a shower. Steam/fog has a great effect on wool, making it fresh again. When it’s absolutely necessary to wash your wool garments, wash them by hand with cold water in a bucket, rinse it out and dry flat. Or wash them cold (max. 20˚ Celsius) with a low tumble spin (400 max.) and dry flat.

  • In general, fine woven materials should be washed mildly. That means max. 30˚ Celsius, max. 600 tumble spin and never tumble dry.

  • Use the tumble dry only for bedsheets, towels, blankets, etc. Clothes wear out quicker when you tumble dry them.

  • Don’t use fabric softener with darker colours, it makes them become more dull in color tone.

  • Put a maximum of 6 shirts in the machine to prevent heavy wrinkles. Dry them hanging.

  • Limit washing of denim materials to a minimum, it’s better to air them out.

How To Wax

  • First, clean the wax jacket with a sponge and using cold water. Wipe down the outside of the jacket. Avoid using hot water, any kind of soap and never put the jacket in the washing machine. If it ends up in the washing machine, it will remove the wax coating permanently and you’ll never be able to properly wax it again.

  • Take a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof dressing. Remove the lid, stand the tin of dressing in a container/pot of water hot enough to soften the wax. It should take approximately 20 minutes to melt the wax into a liquid consistency.

  • Using an old cloth or clean sponge, work the melted wax well into the jacket and paying extra attention to seams, creases and dry patches. Wipe off any excess wax. You should keep the tin of wax in hot water while working, in order to keep it softened. If the wax begins to harden, top the container/pot with more hot water. Ensure you keep the wax away from the corduroy collar, the inside of the jacket and inside of the pockets.

  • To ensure you get an extra smooth finish, blow over with a hair dryer to even the spread of wax.

  • Once you’ve re-waxed the jacket, hang it up. Allow to dry overnight in a warm place away from other garments. Be aware the jacket may lose excess wax for a short while, so take care not to get your newly waxed jacket near leather or upholstery.

  • We recommend you have your jacket re-waxed once a year. You can do it yourself by purchasing the Thornproof dressing and follow the step-by-step guide. Re-waxing is very straightforward and should only require one tin, two if the garment is in a tired condition.

Norwegian Rain

  • The Hi-Tech Waterproof outerwear of Norwegian Rain has specific care instructions to keep them in premium condition. Always follow the care label inside the garment.

  • Norwegian Rain outerwear is machine-washable except for the wool-lined Arctic (homme & femme) and the wool-padded styles (such as Harmattan Padded, Hokkaido). Always follow the care label inside the garment.

  • The Norwegian Rain styles that are machine washable can be washed on either a Synthetic Wash Setting (if your machine has it) or Delicate Wash (which I prefer to use). As Norwegian Rain fabrics have a high dirt repellency, it is not necessary to wash them more than once a year. Always follow the care label inside the garment.

  • Norwegian Rain recommends using NIKWAX hi-tech detergent which is, similar to how the Norwegian Rain fabrics are developed, free from PFC chemicals. We recommend using the NIKWAX Duo-Pack Tech Wash & TX-Direct. Alternatively, if you want to reproof the repellency effect more frequent, you can use the NIKWAX TX-Direct Spray. Always follow the instructions on the packaging.

  • Norwegian Rain outerwear that is wool-lined or wool-padded cannot be machine-washed. We recommend using a damp cloth to wipe clean the fabric and using a hand steamer on a mild setting to freshen up the wool collar and lining (on coat Arctic). Finish up with using the NIKWAX TX-Direct Spray.
  • If you are unsure on how to take care of your Norwegian Rain coat, please reach out to us. We're here to help.