Nigel Cabourn Turtleneck Waffle Green

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Nigel Cabourn Japan Turtleneck Waffle Green, comfortable high-density waffle knit sweater in cotton.

A 3D-waffle knit technique is used to give this garment more body and volume, without being chunky. This technique also allows for more comfort in terms of breathability without the sweater being too cold or too warm.

Nigel Cabourn, UK-born 1949, is a renowned British fashion designer known for his outerwear and vintage inspired clothing. He is one of the most respected persons in the vintage industry and continues to push boundaries to design near-perfect reproductions of iconic garments from the past. Many collections by Nigel Cabourn are inspired by British military garments, air force & navy styles and clothing worn by Sir Edmund Hillary during his famous expeditions.
The Mainline collection from Japan is the premium range of Nigel Cabourn, strictly focusing on specific vintage reproductions made in the original way.

  • Nigel Cabourn Japan Mainline Turtleneck Waffle

  • 100% cotton, 3D knit

  • Green

  • Turtleneck, ribbed

  • Ribbed cuffs

  • Straight hem

  • Regular fit

  • Made in Japan