T.T. Shawl Collar Shirt Indigo

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Taiga Takahashi Shawl Collar Shirt Indigo, premium heritage farmer's shirt from the archives of Taiga Takahashi.

Taking root in the farmers' shirt from early 1900s, the item is designed to be worn comfortably and loosely while at work. The item features unusual detail such as shawl collar with piping, and it amazes with its thought-out design, from the underarm seams to sleeve plackets.

With a vintage piece as a guidance, they focused on faithful reproduction as a priority. True to T.T’s style, they created a moderately three-dimensional silhouette while using the linear patterns. The item is made of our original chambray fabric woven on an old-type power loom. Weft yarn uses American cotton yarn dyed in yellowed color to produce the tone of a vintage fabric fading over time. Degreasing washer process was applied to give it a rougher finish.

T.T is a unisex brand based in New York and Kyoto. Taiga Takahashi, the founder and designer, underwent an education that merged Japanese culture with Western thought. After graduating from Central Saint Martins(UAL) in 2017, he established his own brand in New York. The designer himself had collected over thousands of garments since his teens, most of which are American vintage from the 1920s to 1950s, focusing on the pre-mass production era. Believing that the true value of craftsmanship already exists in history, the fabrics, sewing and details of time-survived garments are researched from an archaeological perspective, reinterpreted in a new way and brought back to life in the modern age. 
In April 2022, at the young age of 27, Taiga Takahashi embarked on an eternal journey in the middle of his ambition. However, his legacy has been transformed into the thoughts of the team that supported him during his lifetime and continues to be passed down, now and in the future.

  • T.T. Shawl Collar Shirt

  • 100% cotton

  • Indigo blue

  • Button closing with pop-over style

  • Mother of Pearl buttons

  • Shawl collar

  • Pleated sleeve cuff

  • Pleat placket

  • Loose fit

  • Unisex

  • Made in Japan