TCB Cat Boy Jeans

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TCB Jeans Cat Boy Jeans, one of the most vintage inspired styles by Japanese vintage denim king Hajime Inoue. Original workwear jeans made for tough labour, rinsed in Japan for a softer feel in the 13oz raw denim fabric.

The Japanese brand TCB Jeans, a.k.a. Two Cat Brand, is known for its extreme attention to detail when it comes to crafting a pair of jeans. Founder Hajime Inoue has an extensive archive, and knowledge, of vintage denim garments which he researches to recreate certain, iconic styles from past decades but also to develop the best possible modern style jeans. All steps of the making process are done in-house, including: weaving of the cotton on vintage shuttle looms, rope-dying the thread with natural indigo, pattern making and cutting, construction of the jeans and the finishing.

A beautiful right-hand twill 13oz. denim jeans, inspired by the jeans worn by cowboys and rugged men around the world. This fabric, made from USA cotton, is woven exclusively for TCB Jeans and has a strong reference to the jeans from the time period 1924-1944. Woven very slowly with a loose tension on the warp and featuring a pre-dyed grey thread for the weft to enhance the fading. The Cat Boy Jeans have a high rise, a chinch in the back and a straight cut and is finished to perfection with the beautiful hair-on-hide patch.

Please note that (raw) denim in (natural) indigo might bleed on light surfaces and textiles such as white sneakers or an off-white sofa. We advise you to turn the jeans inside out and soak it in a bucket with lukewarm water for 30 minutes, before the first actual wear. This way you rinse out a bit of leftover starch and indigo plus it takes out the final bits of shrinkage. The bleeding of indigo, as it is known as, is a characteristic of quality denim and will also occur during the early stages of wear.

  • TCB Jeans Cat Boy Jeans

  • 13oz. USA cotton, rinsed

  • Natural indigo dye

  • Selvedge finishing

  • Button fly

  • Chinch back

  • Hair-on-hide patch

  • Regular fit

  • High rise

  • Made in Japan